BBC Top Gear goes Eifel
Jeremy Clarkson aims for sub-10 BTG time at the Nürburgring

We would really have liked to see Tiff Needell do it instead ... and in a proper car, but if it's true then: "Respect, JC. Well done".

Said Clarkson: "My first solo lap showed that determination is no match for an absence of talent, a lack of track intimacy and a car with a turbo-charged paraffin stove under the bonnet. I went round in 10 minutes and 26 seconds. My next lap was perfect. I kissed apexes softly, applied the power smoothly, braked to the onset of anti-lockery and as a result, powered across the line in 10 minutes 20 seconds. I couldn't believe it. Perfection had resulted in a saving of only six seconds; where was I to find another 20?"

Ring Taxi driver Sabine Schmitz as instructor to the british beef-head. See the video here (39.2 Mb wmv@350kbit/s - length 15:41)
"... I still couldn't get the track hooked up in my head. Much to the consternation of those behind, I was still braking and changing down into third on some crests, only to find the track was straight for another three miles. And conversely, I was barrelling over others, only to find myself at a hairpin bend that I could have sworn wasn't there last time around"